this week i

noted this hiccup cure.

have run sixty-four miles in the past four weeks.

remembered why rod stewart shouldn't have left the faces.

flew direct baltimore to detroit. think about that. overheard:

'my mother had a version of irish alzheimer's. she forgot everything but the grudges.'

'i always thought of myself as an honor's student. yes, your honor. no, your honor.'

'i have a spare one of those airplane oxygen masks. i like to wait until mid-flight when the guy next to me has gone to sleep, then put it on and nudge him real gentle till he wakes up.'

my good friend leila had finished half of her five year residency at detroit medical center, so i implored her to take a weekend off to show me the city. did i mention that she's a physician?
sampled fish jambalayas. octopus sushi a little tough.

found another great mid-western city-center farmer's market.

scoped out the old michigan theater..

..complete with parking lot attendants watching lcd flatscreen baseball by barrel-fire.

drove south to canada. south. to windsor, ontario. nothing there, except statues with makeshift monocles..

..and grapefruit-scented casino lavatory soap.

underground-partied in abandoned buildings..

..with innovative guitar picks.

heard a great band name idea: 'jenny mccarthy and the we-don't-vaccinate-our kids.'

late-night dined in coney island..

home to steady-armed servers..

..heels that double as vampire stakes..

..and genealogy disputes that pit brother against brother.

went to church in ann arbor, also had a religious experience at zola's. try the salmon omelet & moroccan coffee.

bumped into my other doctor friend, awori. apparently i know more physicians in michigan than all other states combined. by the way, those are my church clothes w/ holy headband.

couldn't categorize...

mid-city hula-hooping pedestrians, no explanation

ferocious feline mascots

structurally-impressive train stations..

..until zoom-in.

pastoral scenes reminiscent of baltimore


henry ford copycats

tanks + cranes > bulldozers + cranes

highest aluminum return rates in the nation


health insurers displaying awareness

ferris wheels

...and a boarded-up castle.

to re-iterate: a boarded-up castle.

..summary articles.

"on one side...runs a growing populist opposition to bailing out any more big companies...on the other side runs an equally powerful desire to stop a generation-long haemorrhaging of manufacturing jobs."