this week i

found emacs speaks statistics (using emacs to run r commands) uncomfortable. former professors highly recommended it, not sure what i'm doing wrong? r commander interface slightly better, but still hunting..

geocoded hospital compare data using usc's batch-processing tool. hoping to examine clustering of some quality variables with kriging.

reconfigured our employer-level file into a 'employer health plan'-level file using one sql query (tutorial).

picked a favorite r function: jitter (before and after shots below). used to get a better idea of the density of numeric-yet-categorical variables when graphing.

touched up my lecture about where non-statisticians can find data for problem solving in public health. want to be my guinea pig?

have run 96 miles over six weeks. this streak won't last much longer, since working out while traveling is not my style.

feel good about health reform. giving the exchanges a fair chance, then using olympia snowe's trigger sounds like a plan.

think billboards are nothing more than legal vandalism.

cooked a cheese, tomato, and avocado omelet.

blended a smoothie for the first time in years, with new secret ingredient.

was bumped off a flight to nashville. apparently if you're not assigned a seat at purchase-time, that means you're on standby. note to self: don't hit the purchase button until you've chosen your seat on all flight legs.

saw hillary clinton in the national airport terminal, then this man on the subway.

called howard. consolation prize for no tennessee? baltimore, of course. a rough-around-the-edges city, with arm-wrestling challenges..

pick-up games

wine that admits mistakes
machine gun toters

and tots

killer birthdays

sinful buffets

overwhelming apartment views

yankees fans, bowling shoes..

ancient sports

more modern ones, still on crt

hope you hold onto that reputation, baltimore. more for me.