this week i

was cited by my statistical programming hero - a link to my article on professor thomas lumley's survey analysis in r page.

ate caribbean cod at my dad's.

recommend this full screen no frills weather map. click temperature/precipitation/clouds.

laughed out loud at an old xkcd comic.

accessed my google search history. holy christ. 3 years, 30,000 searches. ~27.3 daily

won a visit from curtis, in town for a physics conference.

saw the terracotta army.

browsed the national geographic lobby.

enjoyed live byob jazz. talked about the horizon radius of black holes against the backdrop of the saints go marching in. apparently if earth's mass were condensed to the size of a cranberry, it would be one. also: black holes' horizon points are not necessarily spherical until they've fully collapsed.

imaxed out. journey to mecca and space station 3d.

went to the national portrait gallery. better than i remember.

celebrated fat tuesday. a free concert at 6pm 365 days a year + half off beers that were $5 to begin with makes millennium stage the best happy hour spot in the city.

experienced thai-x-ing.

soiree'd at the french embassy, with..


all-you-can-eat crepes, indoor umbrellas

helen thomas look-alikes on trombone

convenient french-press vials

ambassadors hogging fondue fountains

luxury. insanity.

think i convinced him to come back.

read some articles..

(1) gender inequality this century
"must be embraced as the moral totalitarianism was in the twentieth and slavery was in the century before that."

(2) american incarceration
"several states now spend more on state prisons than state colleges."

(3) obama's gerald ford decision
"there are now more hired american contractors in both nations than there are military personnel."

"if it costs him his presidency, what other achievement can match it?"

(4) the blue dogs
"it contained a public option, but a weak one, tied not to medicare reimbursement rates..but based on negotiated reimbursements...their great concern is cost containment, and no more effective cost-container has been proposed than the robust public option; yet many were against it."

(5) israel palestine unreasonable expectations and the reset button