this week i

fasted till dark on thursday.

helped tracy analyze whether sugary beverage taxes would be regressive.

mapped down to the census block group-level.

attended the embassy of switzerland's panel discussion on the l.h.c. learned that at -271° centigrade, it's the coldest place in the galaxy. also installed - and recommend that you install - lhc@home to lend them your computer processor while you sleep.

lamented that tourist season has begun (zoom in).

convinced siva to come see the national kite festival the week before the cherry blossoms blossomed.. witness other triumphs of japanese culture.. brunch at busboys & poets.. gasp at mummified cattle..

..and men's best friends.. marvel at tarantulas and other natural histories..

..and to dress up real fancy, listen to czech musicians..

and have a nice little meal.

could not have had more fun at the ethiopian embassy's party with katie. though no one hesitated to swarm the injera buffet + honey wine..

some guests weren't sure how to handle the traditional dance

while others knew exactly what to do.

..of course after a coffee ceremony

nothing can go wrong.

reenacted prohibition at kelly's speakeasy-themed birthday party.