this week i

published this examination of adults who don't come into contact with the medical system.

got to do a little on-stage acting at completely hollywood, a good reason not to sit in the front row. luckily, a vice president at kff was also in the audience and ready to snap this picture. notice the riotous applause.

ate gelato in the rain. we spent an easy weekend in my favorite places - thai food, lincoln's memorial, live jazz, then brunch down the street.

love religious music. even if you don't, give grooveshark a try.

enjoyed dinner, drinks, and dizzy on sax at the icelandic ambassador's house.

would be three things forever - curious, young, rich - in that order.

don't understand city filth sometimes. though i wouldn't put it past america to invent a twizzler-based coffee-stirrer.

estimate that one extra vacation day per year is worth roughly one two hundred sixtieth of your annual salary, or a 0.3846% raise.

celebrated bastille day at the embassy.

coined a longer word - supercalifragilisticexpialidelicious.