this week i

hiked up to rockville to get some siamese fighting fish for the office.  transporting tropical fish on the metro a cupcake holder freezing weather: a great way to start the long weekend.  and hey, if it's good enough for wee-bey, it's good enough for me.  allow me to introduce..


had a fancy evening with the national symphony orchestra at the kennedy center.

mapped out the furthest places i've been from my birthplace with google earth, singapore the winner (9,655 miles).  chennai wasn't far behind (8,559 miles), but most proud of ushuaia in tierra del fuego (6,465 miles), which i traveled to without an airplane.

need to use the readclipboard() function in r more often.

converted some photos of the sunset over yangon into hdr images, with help from siva.  you stitch together three pictures, each focused on a different part of the scenery.