this week i

updated this snapshot detailing the relationship between insurance costs and worker compensation.

live in an amazing time and place. can pack nothing but clothes and things to read, sleep on a plane, and wake up across an ocean..

..or more precisely, in ghana.

carpooled east to togo.  this friendly fellow bought me a coconut, which i promptly spilled all over myself.

reverted to an all-pineapple diet.  pinch me.

added benin to the list of nations that have rejected my entry at the border.  sorry canada, you're not alone anymore.

drank water by the bagful.

admire the serenity of togo..

the internet is admittedly primitive..

 ..just another place to catch up on reading.

felt welcome despite the lack of tourist infrastructure.  nothing says mi casa es su casa like a complimentary used toothbrush.
watched foosball down by the watering holes..

and full-sized soccer amongst the strongest senses of balance on earth

..never too early to start.  how does one say 'training wheels' in togolese?  seau bleu!
hired a motorcycle to the border.  he kept turning off his motor when driving downhill.  i kept getting hit in the face with butterflies.  couldn't decide if that's fantastic or horrific?

found something holy about the waterfall..

perhaps the inspiring bats circling overhead

..or maybe the nonconsensual baptisms.

felt inadequate..

..and insignificant.

passed a few days in the villages.

mustn't forget this is still our everyday world.

practiced falconry, but with monkeys.

avoided eating chicken..

ok ham too

..hope you like fish.

walked above the rainforest.

sought the coast.

received a few marriage proposals.  probably the haircut.

found fisherfolk..

a superior species of seagulls

..and other unexpected beachcombers.
saw the history of the slave trade..

 ..and doors of no return.

got a stupid tan.  n.t.s. no more button-downs by the ocean.

have to say: all in all, we have a lot in common.

appreciation of alcohol. and god.

unscientific faith in alternative medicines

innovative mosquito bite prevention

we care about safety, but never let it ruin our fun.

we win political campaigns, b.a.m.n.

we look for convenience in our shopping venues

we are civic-minded when it's not too costly, and also love wheelbarrows.

we coordinate t-shirts for every occasion (mandatory zoom-in)

rested, recuperated.

returned home.