this week i

published the most exciting paper of my career so far.  the new health reform law expands private insurance to cover an additional 24 million americans.  who are they?  if they're going to be your new group of patients, you might want to know.

got quoted in congressional quarterly's healthbeat newsletter.  "no, said anthony damico, one of the authors of the study."

like this time of year.

watched a double-header on deep sea conservation with mark.  apparently, bioluminescence is the most important communication tool in the history of life.  also started whale wars, led by one of the founders of greenpeace - later kicked out for being too radical.  they throw butyric acid onto japanese fishing boats to ruin a catch.

said sayonara to kirsten yet again, but this time over the best food in town.  she's leaving for switzerland to figure out what to do with the new malaria vaccine.

waited in line..

for south africa night at the smithsonian

..and some good live music.

cooked myself the easiest delicious meal in my repertoire.