this week i

attended a lecture on the mars rovers, geology's dream come true.

got my favorite sneakers.

wish they'd shut down the government, and shut it down right.  give us a taste of the oft-stated conservative zero government dream: no medicare, medicaid, social security.  tear more than 90 million veterans, poor, and old folks out of their healthcare, cut off pensioners' checks, throw a million federal employees onto unpaid vacation, freeze the postal service, hold our tax refunds - hell, stop trash collection - and force border patrol / air traffic control to work without pay.  if a sucker punch to the face is what it's going to take to raise my taxes, have at us.

am not thrilled that d.c. re-installed these obese dolphin-surfing basketball ballerinas with captain america shields for nipples on new york avenue.  two years ago, that plot of grass was lined with trees.  a damn shame.

ate my dad's chocolate ricotta pudding.  that first bite was tense, could've been dog crap n whipped cream.