this week i

think i died and went to seattle.

worked remotely for one caffeinated day at the university of washington's inspiring library..

..if that's not magical enough: all campus fountains are equipped with duckling ramps (bottom center).

calculated the percent of nonelderly americans touched by medicaid in the past 20 years for our ceo.  also ran the medicare statistics, but those were a cinch.

unleashed new medicare advantage enrollment data on the world.

presented our profile of expected exchange enrollees paper to a jury of my peers..

..complete with a post-lecture noogie hazing.

contributed to a talk about racial and ethnic health disparities between health professional shortage area residents and non-residents..another about privatized medicare quality ratings and the new money that comes with them..a poster about access to care disparities in provider shortage areas..

..and some preliminary research about competition in the privatized medicare insurance market.
shared smiles with old friends.

browsed the famous fish market..

art on the fly

semi-psychotic parking zones

mount rainier in the distance

..and quasi-brazilian architecture.

ferried out to bainbridge island..

..for a bbq in the rainforest.

fought for our food.

dug up a short but sweet essay by mark twain about the fitful moments of comedians.

if the pause is too short the impressive point is passed, and [if too long] the audience have had time to divine that a surprise is intended-and then you can't surprise them, of must get the pause right; and you will find it the most troublesome and aggravating and uncertain thing you ever undertook.

toured the gold rush museum, with its probability visualization explaining why not to rush for gold.

climbed to the top story of the public library.

really like taxes.

scoped out the dockside olympic sculpture garden.  after initially booming as a trading port and route to the klondike, seattle has nurtured solid 21st century industry - microsoft, amazon, starbucks, boeing.  while new york relies on a diseased financial sector and d.c. draws success from artificial bureaucracy, seattle embodies the western spirit.

gotta say, one of our best cities.