this week i

landed in the rocky mountains.

jumped in the merry prankster van.

picked up exactly where we left off..

 ..miguel proudly remembers that we haven't seen each other since i walked off into the darjeeling sunset with a hindustan times under my arm.

viewed the denver art museum..

..although the best scene was the improvised sombrero on the roof across the way..

..meanwhile, curtis built a mobius strip.  we tried to confuse an ant, but she promptly cheated.

got a little confused myself.  was this pro- or anti-lgbt..

..and why on earth would you need that.

cycled around downtown.

made a mess..

..and a new friend.  who's a wuzzawuzza?  god fucking dammit you're cute.

drove to higher ground.

unloaded our gear.

hiked into the mountain forest, glowing at each end.

accidentally pitched our tents next to some ensnared skeletal hooves.

drowned our fear in whiskey, jerky.

don't know, don't care.  it was funny.

bear-proofed our provisions.

complied with smokey, too.

woke up before america's birthday..

..and curtis had made a weathervane / sundial contraption.

drove back to civilization.

stopped by a mining ghost town.

bought three-buck inner-tubes..

..and lazed away the afternoon.

recovered from outdoor exposure at beginners.  christopher plummer gives a memorable performance.

spent our last day at fourteen thousand feet.

tended the flock.

reserved a window seat to watch the fireworks over the potomac during landing.  but make no mistake, the view during takeoff was the cause for celebration.