this week i

loved the california honeydrops at rock and roll hotel.  always nice to get in on a good thing before it gets popular.

tried the mexican cultural institute for a classical string quartet.

reunited with the health policy angels..

polished off some nachos deep in suburban virginia..

..before seeing the honeydrops again.  worth two bus rides.

read some..

(1) the nhs reorganizes

it is quite possible to praise something even as you legislate it out of existence

the kaiser system could be reproduced in britain if only health spending were increased by 87 percent

(2) when the leviathan falls

the lesson for libya was that the west should not be dragged too far in and that it should anticipate chaos

the lack of foreigners allowed libyans to feel that the revolution was theirs, not an international production

(3) three jesuses walk into a psych ward

what would happen..if he made three men meet and live closely side by side over a period of time, each of whom believed himself to be the one and only jesus christ?

(4) drug deaths outnumber traffic deaths

we haven't figured out the safety belt yet

(5) mid-century sins in the suez

if eisenhower continued to deny israeli arms requests, ben-gurion told one american diplomat, the us would be 'guilty of the greatest crime in our history'.