this week i

picked up a gps and figured out how to approximate google street view technology in haitian slums..

here's some canal building

..and a road.

hope this kind of map will be useful to send to off-site donors who want to see progress on construction.

admit that my contribution was almost nothing compared to these folks..

..and here are the fruits.

observed some of imc's other projects nearby.


sanitation seminars, free t-shirts

bucket distribution

..and wells.

spun around for the views.

toured port-au-prince's public hospital as the guest of the american doctors running an emergency medicine training program.  there are, what, fifty medical specialties?  haitian physicians only have access to training in about five of them.  imc has been running e.r. clinics to up it to six.

might've conducted an impromptu medical training myself.  remember how kathleen sebelius says cough into your sleeve?  phase two: end those germ-sharing handshakes and make the switch to hygenic fist-bumps.

understand but can't get over the extent of earthquake damage and lack of repairs.  here's the condemned pediatric ward.

think haiti wins the wildest public transit award.  c'mon wmata, you never try anything fun.

met the family of an old friend, made a postcard from her sisters..

..and sent a virtual kiss.  the world's amazing, huh?