this week i

saw a pileated woodpecker on a canal walk with dad.

attracted links from official academic statistical computing pages. (berkeley) (lmu) (vtech)

co-authored the original study providing the data for this hullabaloo.

removed the murphy bed from my condo.  well okay, matthew did.  but i held things and bought things and cheerled.

learned the utility of a crowbar.


scraped off old wallpaper.


rolled on the first coat.

filled an enormous hole.

decided the can of hush white (light pink) didn't match the rest of the condo's hush white (slightly darker light pink), so david came over to help paint the whole place.

sat around and watched..

hey, so much creativity

 ..and rule-breaking.
finished up.

owe ya one.

won't miss that contraption.

reorganized everything else, too.

enjoyed jimmy kimmel's whcd.

look, it’s chris christie, get him!

ron paul looks like the guy who gets unhooded at the end of every scooby doo episode