this week i

polished the first few programs for usgsd.  why i believe in this work:  our government spends billions on data.  if you have a computer and some energy, you should be able to unlock it.  for free.  i can make that possible, so i'm gonna.  help.  use it.

updated the r sascii package to version 0.3.  tiny bug fixes aaand a counter so you know it's not stuck.

revised just in time.  the biggest r blog out there picked up my work.

predict history books will remember the roberts court for affirming the aca and lgbt marriage equality.  #amerciafuckyeah

sold myself on github.  every change gets tracked, just like a wikipedia edit history page.  for example: here's the difference between sascii version 0.3 and my current (not yet finalized) progress on version 0.4.

saw ballet with dad, the story blew past us both.  and no opera.

am the tallest guy at the office.  boom.

hung around h street.  where it's at.