this week i

entered countries #61 and #62, which could be as low as #59 and #60 depending on your politics. (trnc + palestine)

have reached the age that people start running the world.  the rest of you kick back. i am driving now.

unleashed SAScii 1.0.  no more messing around.  and look, all changes since the previous version.

learned how to search for multiple strings at a time.  of the 26 letters in the alphabet, here's four: grep( "n|e|a|t" , letters )

landed in kigali.

scoped out the bus station.

drove around town.

forgot we were in africa.

headed south for the weekend.

tried the soft serve instead.

crossed into burundi.

admire how locals get around.

stayed with the bujumbura bourgeoisie.

shared the tidal lake, center of the continent mind you.

trace your schistosomiasis to one little dunk.  also: firefox spellchecks that 'sadomasochist'

worked beachside.  once again, exactly 1,500 km from the ocean.

mini-safaried in rusizi.

saw hippos..

ancient hippos

..more hippos.