this week i

wrote a sql-based version of sascii, to import sas data into r without overloading ram.

added massive ftp download automation scripts to most datasets in my archive of usgsd.  these scripts download every file available from the government, name it according to a consistent pattern, and - depending on filesize - import it into an r data file or a sql database.  especially proud of the scripts that pull every file in the 2001, 2004, and 2008 sipp panels into a single database.

spent a few days with my old cubicle twin.  we three used to share in programming marathons. those sql databases weren't going to query themselves.

argued about whether the y in her last name - hyun - is a consonant or vowel.  for ab-talk's sake:  nabiabomabi habiyabun versus nabiabomabi hyabun.

had never considered adjective ordering rules, but now that you mention it, it's always the bright, pink suit never the pink, bright suit.

went northeast: only true believers make it over to h street.

spotted my first ladybug corpse.  huh.  still pretty.

ate my childhood favorite.