this week i

received my first citation from a united states government agency for survey syntax.  bureau of labor statistics, no less.

consider the field of medicine the pursuit of immortality with a sense of humor.

published a summary of what medicaid does for people with chronic illnesses, plus disease-specific briefs on diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases, and behavioral health conditions.

introduced samhsa to the free, open-source scripts i've written to analyze their data.  invited back for more next january, accepted.

found a bug in the descr package.  twenty-four hours later, it's fixed.

presented monetdb to a room full of quants at aspe.  might've won a convert or two.

possess proof my check was cashed.  gonna hold you to it.

drove to brigantine for the weekend.  saw lincoln, munich, and some piles of sand.

sold the clarinet i bought seven years ago with my first real paycheck.  when one dream dies, make sure another takes its place.

repaired the hole in my floor.

have lived through thirty-one winters and twenty-nine summers, time to set things right.