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spoke at the washington dc r users group about, well, everything.  jerzy wrote up a summary, here's the flowchart, some called it 'excellent' others called it 'torturous' - decide for yourself:

page rank first in the google search anthony damico.

unearthed moondog matinee, just because.  levon helm grew up in turkey scratch, arkansas

listened to jordan peterson, the leader of my church..

one of the things i've learned..being a clinical that lack of virtue makes people ill

we make the assumption that the fundamental constituent elements of reality are material.  we fail to notice that the fundamental constituent elements of reality are not material.  they're emotional, they're motivational, they're dreams, they're visions, they're relationships with other people, they're conscious, they're dependent on consciousness

you look at genesis..there's a strange sequence of events that befalls adam and eve..a snake gives them an apple, and that wakes them up.  well there's a good book by a southern california primatologist that was just published last year that suggests that the reason that humans have such great vision - way better than most animals except for raptors, birds - is because our visual systems were designed to detect predatory snakes.  and the way she discovered that was by comparing the populations of predatory snakes around the world to the visual acuity of the primate groups that lived in those areas.  and what she found was essentially a one-to-one correspondence.  our visual system..the snake gave that to us, because we had to pay attention to predatory things that were after us for tens of millions of years.  and fruit, that's interesting.  we have color vision because we were fruit eaters.  our color vision is precisely evolved to detect ripe fruit.  so that part of the story's right.

solzhenitsyn said there are as many centers of the universe as there are individual consciousnesses

because things are fundamentally unfair.  and even more deeply, why shouldn't you conclude that things should be eradicated, because fundamentally they're unfair.  i think that's what hitler concluded, i also think that's what stalin concluded.  the evidence suggests that stalin was gearing up for the third world war.  he had hydrogen bombs, he'd already killed thirty million people..i think that all those people who participated in those processes used their rational utopianism as a cover story for their willingness to participate in the atrocity.

it's not good to be self-conscious, right?  it loads on neuroticism.  it's a negative emotion.  we think of it as a higher-order cognitive function, but people find it unpleasant.  you tend to be self-conscious when you're false or shamed.  if you're deeply engaged in something your self-consciousness disappears.  so engagement in something meaningful seems to make self-consciousness vanish.  it also makes time vanish, right?  because if you're doing something that's intrinsically meaningful, then the sense of passing time disappears.  and so that temporal limitation that plagues you vanishes..practice that, above all else.

i see people who are in hell all the time.  you can see them if you walk down bloor street.  i'm not kidding, it's no joke.  if you walk by someone in hell, you can't look at them.  you won't look at them, you'll give them a wide bearth, and if you look at them and you really look at them, they'll either become aggressive or ashamed because they do not want you to see where they are, because they don't want to see where they are.

the kingdom of heaven is spread out on the earth, but men do not see it.  so this is what i would say about virtue.  virtue, first, is the attempt to see that heaven.

it's your creative capacity and your exploratory courage that allows you to extract information from the world.  you need that information to build your character.  you need to build your character because life is hard.  it's tragic.  it's tragic because we're vulnerable.  and if you don't take full advantage of everything the world offers you in terms of information you make yourself weak.  so every time you shy away from something you should explore, every time you shy away from your own intrinsic sense of meaning you weaken your own personality.  literally.  i don't mean metaphorically.  i mean you weaken it.