this week i

published instructions for the survey of income and program participation at long last.

picked up coverage from the biggest r blog about the foundations of my entire career.  also a spot in the sexy new data analysis mooc.

attended one happy nepali wedding.

documented rupak dancing.  first, last time for everything.

don't understand.

camped at howard's for the night.  optimized usage of time..

hit one hundred thousand views in the first year.  not bad for a site i haven't touched since may.

figured out that the wakhan corridor constitutes the largest time difference over a land border.  wikipedia agrees.

ate jazz brunch, saw purple.

visited enoch pratt.

cracked open microfiche from the 1865 baltimore sun..

the weather at lincoln's second inaugural

the text..

..then a month later, the assassination

browsed just a little more.

love this city.

celebrated home team victory.