this week i

secured our helmets.

beat the evening rush.  see the lights in the buildings?  those folks did too.

climbed center-city mountains.

don't usually like bob dylan, but don't usually hang my hat in the de facto island nation of south korea either.

cooked up some barbeque, circumscribed by eggs.

learned mapply.  you should too.

x = list( a = 1:4 , b = 1:6 )
y = list( a = 5:8 , b = 7:12 )
some.function = function( u , v ){ u + v }
mapply( some.function , x , y )

makeshift funneled.

embraced it.  goal of the culture: sensory overload. best to not question.  oh, and..

order.  it's orderly here

unless you're edible.  then it's quite deadly.


subway book vending machines.  perhaps more shockingly: subway book vending machine patrons.

four-eyed men

..and my first shabu-shabu.

worked another week.  right over there.

snuck into moonlit temples..

..apparently that's not jesus.  i thought it was jesus.

rallied troops, played games from foreign lands.

think life can be like that.  in fact, i'm sure of it.