this week i

hopped on one more train..

suppose this is as rough and tumble as korea gets.  a comfortable country.

flattened some currency on the tracks.  don't judge..

..because, well, um, anything goes.

hiked the well-worn nature trails.

learned that those dragons on old maps indicate uncharted territory.

ate duck.  "the bacon that flies."

 played where's waldo, spotted the heath ledgerfish, you'll have to zoom in.

coveted stuff.  i try not to possess things, but it's hard when those shoes make me so envious..

when those buddhaman birds would perch so nicely on my shelves at the office

when those rabbit ears would wrap so snugly around the cell phone i don't have

when that radio flyer at the end could be mine.  like taking radio flyers from a baby

when i've yet to fulfill my lifelong dream of rampaging with a pink-tinted bulldozer

when restaurant chefs cook just for me

..when.. oh hmm okay actually i don't want that.

aged only on the outside.  good love might be necessary, but it's not sufficient.

watched two airplane sunsets, made it home.