this week i

received an official endorsement from the federal reserve on their survey of consumer finances page.  how it's done.

committed my first chunk of code directly to the experimental monetdb.r package with svn. dbconnect no longer requires a sys.sleep while mserver loads up.  see those changes?  oh plus hannes added my rbind() syntax. powerful.

spent the evening with max.

fruits -
  • one e-mail dispatched to the new york city housing vacancy survey administrators at the census bureau re: standard error replication.
  • one wikipedia page conceived -- 'professions where officeholder expected to die in position' -- current list: pope, supreme court justice, dalai lama, (good) rock star, (bad) daredevil, professor emeritus, dictator.  hard to search for similar web pages, most results just point to osha and/or magazine articles of top ten stressful workplaces.
  • one bet solidified, i'll likely lose.  prize: case of beer.  anthony wins if any of the five current conservative supreme court justices (roberts, kennedy, scalia, thomas, alito) voluntarily steps down during a democratic administration.  max wins if all five die in office or step down during a republican administration.

cleaned out my father's storage pod of old papers from his child welfare consulting business - the institute for human services management..

..most went here, but i held on to a few documents: board meeting, articles of incorporation, by-laws, stock certificate.

headed underground..

for a smithsonian fashion show

..and what must have been a very, very interesting text message.