this week i

unlocked social security data for whoever.

finally figured out what biden's bunch of malarkey line sounded like.  my cousin vinny.  thank you.

altered monetdb boolean values to integers to double types thanks to my man in amsterdam.

Not all direct type cast are supported.
In particular, this one is not.
You can use the following hack

select (cast (cast (am = 0 as integer) as double)...

regards, Martin

can't get enough of this language and its people.

hopped a few escalators..

to baltimore

human-powered, amphibious, art, atv

converted skeptics..

after all, what other city

starts 'em so young

lures you in with free cupcakes

..then lets you drive heavy artillery through the streets.

guess it's settled.  maryland the best state.

met men of many talents.  and his wireless network?  hideyourkidshideyourwifi

can't stand other brands.  shoddy craftsmanship.  jnj4life

agree.  that facade has face value.

watched neighborhood children play.  is this depressing because it's depressing, or only because i quickly assume it's depressing?

 passed the afternoon in the patterson park pagoda.