this week i

worked on a paper for this guy.  while developing graphics - me: fuck do you want calibri or cambria huseyin: cambria. calibri is for losers

wrapped my head around knitr, necessary to write code for the ucla stat folks.  hey did knitr's author yihui sign up for screenr (the hosting service i use for twotorials) just after viewing my video on his formatr?

learned three states have longer coastlines than california.  quick, name them!

read about the broader utility of studying rare diseases.  "it’s like trying to harness a chain reaction at the heart of an atom bomb...and turning it into something safe and controllable, like a nuclear reactor."

hit the survey-adjusted goodness-of-fit jackpot.  as the accompanying paper says, the correct test for nhis, nhanes, etc.

met up with my favorite father-to-be, in the biblical sense.  oh, also, business idea:  where slap bracelets meet clergy neckgear.

stumbled on my favorite map ever of the week - antipodal.  from my dc birthplace, singapore's the furthest i've been - perth would set the record.

cleaned out some of dad's attic, found an old simcity population table from way back when bombay was bombay.