this week i

have written this page for five years now.

released our state-by-state estimate of how many americans are eligible for obamacare subsidies.  seventeen million.  seventeen million people can get help.  barack obama thought it was important enough to share.

boarded a southwest flight, no assigned seats.  figured out how to avoid the middle seat when you're near the end of the boarding groups:  walk through the aisle slowly and watch the seated passengers carefully for clues that they're flying together but sitting with an empty seat between them.  if you're the one who asks to sit between them, they'll usually want to sit together.

arrived in the puget sound, just in time for the halloween party..

laura and rich were the bbc's dr. who

..i ordered a fred flintstone costume online and introduced myself as a republican all night.

traveled to the stone age.

inbound from chicago, stayed awake a whisker under twenty-four hours.

woke up early the next morning..

for a foggy drive the paradise trail of mount rainier.

warmed up after the hike.

made a few surprise discoveries on the ride home..

see those tree stumps?  they're big.

..for scale, there's me.

listened to the best of otis redding.  yes.

learned how to make fake baby feet in steamy car windows.  make a fist, press, then manually add dots.  repeat.  enjoy.

consider the best part of the pacific northwest the low-hanging clouds..

..and also amos.  this is amos.  he likes to hang out while i work.

did not realize that seattle has seasons.  seattle has seasons.  hot damn.

 ate the bounty of the oceanside rainforest.

submit to the superiority of rich's photo-taking and -processing abilities.  rich shot these.

saw just about everything..

all you need for the real-life version of oregon trail

seattle is nothing if not organized

..with mount fuji always in the distance.