this week i

published code to analyze the big-enough-for-state-samples national survey of children's health with emily rowe.  she sent me an unsolicited e-mail a few months ago, we kept at it till we had code that works.  now you do too.

watched this is spinal tap, the blues brothers, and ken burns' the dust bowl.  spinal tap was miserable, i must have missed every joke.  the blues brothers was silly, with great music - best line - aretha franklin: "shit."  ken burns' dust bowl didn't rouse many emotions; just made it sound like oklahoma is a good place to not live.  but this ted talk popped up at the same time.  allan savory discusses how to reverse desertification, which would surely go a long way toward saving the world.

coaxed my father to come visit santa fe..

..aww look who's happy.

drove north to taos.

spotted dozens of magpies on the road.  like a crow, except not shitty.

looped through questa and eagle's nest.

paid an extra few bucks for the audio tour at the georgia o'keeffe museum.

drove down ridiculous canyon road.  excuse me mr. ed, did you cameo in the godfather?

put smartass here on a plane home.

enjoyed a few more frosty desert sunsets..

..from both my bike and living room.

bought some tickets.  okay no problem there..

..but mostly geriatrics in the audience.  santa fe's for old farts.

walked through the santa fe university of art and design.  all real artists live in baltimore.

noticed a kia dealership by the roadside.  whoever thought, "oh, this will help us sell cars" might have been right, but that's no excuse.

visited st. francis's house.

endured one more dose of local hack art: recycle santa fe.  you people know that children are starving, right?

spotted the bum with an egg-beater for a keychain.  lower left.  useful.

got tired of it all until..hey buddy..

she snuck into junkyards and cut the belts out of cars?  i snuck into junkyards and cut the belts out of cars!

..hop up on stage, kid.  nobody will stop you.

chained up my bike outside the salvation army.  dropped them the passcode.  left town.