this week i

posted a small library worth of code to analyze the microdata behind the program for international student assessment.  this triennial study compares student test scores across dozens of countries.  the researchers in those countries might not have thousands of dollars to spend on statistical software.  and now they don't have to.

helped out with this access to care report countering the hysteria that doctors have started declining medicare en masse.

congratulated huseyin on writing the seventh highest ranking journal article in 2013, the basis for the most viewed and most emailed article on the new york times.

would never have been able to identify yes as an adverb.

spent an afternoon at the phillips collection.  britt huffed and puffed till alex calder's red polygons showed some life.  mr. paganini occasionally displaces how high the moon as my favorite ella fitzgerald song.

leafed through the skymall catalog, thought up infinite possibilities for this.

tried on a new sign-off for e-mails to colleagues: send ideas as you have them.

listened to johnny cash at san quentin.

then i went to sleep in shreveport, woke up in abilene wonderin' why the hell i'm wanted at some town halfway between