this week i

published code to work with the national immunization survey, plus a mildly humorous accompanying blog post.

get high when i read the enrollment numbers, especially when my name is in footnote #10.

rented a simple place.

ran along sugarloaf mountain three days, free online yoga the other two.

add brazilian architects to the italian chefs, british police, german engineers list of best-of stereotypes.

got together with the census bureau over lunch.  a first meeting with people who understand your discipline feels just like chatting with old friends.

ate more chicken hearts with bruno.  what is with this place?  also: yum.

found the street music party on the rua of the listener.

been all around this world, but jerry still sings it better than i do.


(1) the ocean cockroach

most jellyfish are little more than gelatinous bags containing digestive organs and gonads drifting at the whim of the current

after half a billion years of quiescence, they're on the move

the creatures arrived from the east coast of the us in seawater ballast (seawater a ship takes into its hold once it has discharged its cargo to retain its stability)

a stingy-slimy killing field

if jellyfish fall on hard times, they can simply "de-grow"

(2) state politics

dysfunction begins in the states

the ohio election: obama won the state with 51 percent of the vote, but because of redistricting, its house delegation is 75 percent republican and 25 percent democratic

only an estimated thirty-five house seats out of 435 will actually be competitive in the 2014 election

(3) public health 1901

discouraging hazardous practices such as feeding the baby beer

tantamount to bolshevism..the ama's position to a congressional committee: we oppose this bill because, if you are going to save the lives of all these women and children at public expense, what inducement will there be for young men to study medicine?

eugenically minded child health experts believed that the deaths of newborns..were due to their inborn "sub-normality"