this week i

published a brief on the characteristics of individuals who fall in the supreme court's coverage gap, a second brief on the effects of the coverage gap in the world of health disparities, and some research to soothe the hysteria over what happens if younger adults do not enroll in state exchanges.  the new republic mentioned me by name and the washington post called me an expert, which almost never happens.  then robin wrote about uninsured but currently eligible for medicaid and, last one i swear, larry posted this infographic simplifying where everybody lands.

figured out which colleagues to send end-of-the-year gifts with mit's immersion then signed up for the amazon prime free trial, knocked out all of my christmas shopping, cancelled my amazon prime free trial.

wonder if there'll ever be a day when we blind ourselves to divert the capacity of our brains from vision to deeper thought.  flying cars first, of course.

bought new glasses.

loafed around with dr. shivakoti and his lovely wife who, um, well, works for deborah persaud.

spent the day on nine.

ate a long lunch with emma and howard.  we were all surprised that siri did not understand the command, "send mom porn stash."  although perhaps not as surprised as mrs. clark would've been had it actually worked.

drank in warm hamden coffee, smiles.

caption the mandela selfie: michelle obama 2016.

call dibs on david cameron in our 34th street reenactment.

drove to new jersey for my aunt's christmas..

..where the dogs are in charge.

couldn't figure out the cross-breed, so we just went with "a giant beagle" - i give you megabeagle.

cannot visit without eating at least one cheesesteak.  state law.

receive a best christmas present every year, this year no different.

tuned the dulcimer.  learned one real song done right by johnny cash.  then followed the lyrics.