this week i

read rand's early coverage dynamics estimates, then calculated our own.

am a part of it now.  cycling in hanoi like eating a reese's..

 ..oh, you're driving in the wrong direction?  okay i'll follow you then.

feel like fuckin' moses.  outta my way!

just find stuff..

..sure, i'll pay a dollar to see uncle ho and assorted military seizures.

haven't done much here, still satisfied.


(1) the fracturing of sisterhood

as men and women in the upper-middle class attain something very close to equality both in their work and at home, they pull away..from the bottom 80 to 85 percent, where men and women remain segregated at work-in part because of the changes in the upper-middle class.

(2) extinction tomorrow

this one earth is really a seemingly endless succession of earths

it's as if human attention were fatal

species no longer need to move only under their own power.  we carry them about the world with us, on planes, in the bilges of ships, unintentionally, on purpose, in business and in pleasure.  it's as though the continents have reconverged, reconstituting pangea.."humans are running geologic history backward and at high speed."