this week i

found a bug in the replicate weights of the 2011 american housing survey.  they fixed it and released version 1.4 promptly.

learned that household plumbing designs originated in alcohol consumption restraint: cross-section.

haven't a clue what he's saying.  know exactly what he's saying.

thought up the best border sign possible: now entering yolo county.  no cats allowed.

wish quantitative people would stop wasting their lives.  example: pain index of bee stings?  i do not care what your research indicates, i would still prefer to take one in the nostril rather than on the shaft.  study something that's not hollow clickbait ffs.  the lengths people go for tenure: professor intentional penis bee-sting.  shit.

think i'd like restaurants to post how much their employees make in the front window.  i'm not sure.  maybe.  the end of tipping in this bc restaurant got me thinking.

live in an amazing world.

spotted in this city.

quote: to be happy you must build something.  it is the only way.