this week i

released code to analyze the american housing survey with the r language.  rolling along.

walked through an electrical storm, realized i'm a suitable lightning rod for the locals.

provided a couple of nhanes statistics for this hepatitis c drug cost estimation.

watched the thin blue line.  texans are weird.  a tremendous waste of time for everyone involved, especially the one wrongfully imprisoned.

feel that bananas go in and out of style too often.

saw a girl with a t-shirt that said "pervert" across her chest.

imagine that antarctica has more phds per capita than any other continent.

sure hope he's peeing.

visited the silk market.  no worms..

but this

and this

..and even this.

am a vietnamese traffic ninja.  i yell "beep beep beep" at people a lot..

..though still haven't mastered the art of motorcycle napping.

listened to classical music before the rains came.