this week i

computed the number of uninsured americans exempt from the individual mandate if the halbig lawsuit sneaks through.

rented a cozy little place.. the old city.

visited a 3-d printing presentation.  only men, so what did they print?  decapitated venus de milos, of course.

don't know if they know what that means.

went to the zoo..

..they milk that seal for all it's worth.

found a little festival by the riverside..

..and, to my relief, the sun set by ten.

read edward tufte's first book: the visual display of quantitative information.

[county maps] wrongly equate the visual importance of each country with its geographic area rather than with the number of people living in the county

lies are systematic and quite predictable, nearly always exaggerating the rate of recent change

style replaces content

redundancy, upon occasion, has its uses: giving a context and order to complexity, facilitating comparisons over various parts of the data, perhaps creating an aesthetic balance

if the paper is heavily gridded on both sides, throw it out

note the bimodal distribution in the histogram of college students arranged by height

tables sometimes reinforce recency bias by showing only current levels or recent changes

statistical graphics became segregated from text and table as printing technology developed