this week i

computed estimates for this fact sheet on the employment situation of poor adults who don't have health insurance.

summarize the problem of where i am..

..maybe also this statue having a penis.

understand scientific research according to bottomfeeding fish.

interview prepped: professor huseyin.  matthew and david finished the dulcimers, hannes added a progress bar, i relearned how to sleep in sunlight.

assume jon stewart's departure means i'll read more.

(1) new cairo leadership

i couldn't believe that in the popular markets cheap women's underwear was for sale with sisi's face imprinted on the v-spot, until i saw a picture.  attempts to purchase a few dozen proved futile.  they had sold out

(2) racial genetics

in this statistical sense, races are real

geneticists have had an extraordinarily hard time finding genes that make substantive contributions to complex diseases like type 2 diabetes.  this doesn't bode well, to put it mildly, for finding the genes that allegedly underlie subtle differences in predisposition to middle-class behavioral traits

(3) reek of dead feline

little difference between knowing the proper way and convincing others your way was right

the gold and sable flanks of the leopard lying among the blue flowers in the harsh sunshine at six thousand feet, at the edge of a great cliff stained with the droppings of generations of vultures

(4) thai class warfare

since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932, thailand has averaged a coup, or an attempted coup, every four years, so it could almost be regarded as one of a general's ceremonial duties

(5) more of russia today

some downmarket horror movie where you wake up to find your neighbours are vampires, with little ultra-patriotic bite marks on their necks

(6) thoreau's data

the idea that nature is so abundant that "myriads can afford to be sacrificed" no longer holds

the plants that had shifted their flowering times the most from thoreau's time to the present were the ones that had also best maintained their abundance.  the "conservative plant species that were still flowering at more or less the same time" were the ones in sharpest decline

(7) involuntary euthanasia during katrina

so that frightened and exhausted people aren't left to debate medical ethics on the spot