this week i

sleep on problems whenever possible.  a trick of the gods.

conclude the chinese have as many words for fireworks as the eskimos have for snow.  how celebrations commence, zero government participation.  steps: buy munitions from any of the 1.4 billion vendors across the country.

request assistance of whoever had the most recent birthday

ignore others behind you igniting the exact same twinklestick

set up advanced rocketry in stable locations like the sunroofs and tire wells of parked automobiles

 have a smoke

engage blinking headgear

maintain open flames in case anyone forgot their lighter at home

release children to prance in the probably-mineswept graveyard

relax.  sure it's fine.

achieved nirvana.

ruined perfectly good shirts..


ate a quiet meal at the mall.

left.  you knew that.


(1) are you god's barf?

a bar named johnny white's had defied curfew orders and stayed open throughout the storm and its catastrophic aftermath, giving the city "a faint heartbeat that never quite flat-lined"

(2) the repository of our nation's culture

if a book publisher did not capitulate to amazon, it would modify its algorithms to reduce the visibility of the offending publisher's books; within a month, "the publisher's sales usually fell by as much as 40 percent"

a target of anger and lobbying by small-town grocers and producers, who protested that a and p was destroying not only their livelihoods, but also the quintessential place of small enterprise in american life.  a and p perfected a "relentless squeeze on suppliers"

politics and antitrust jurisprudence have shifted to favor consumers and large corporations at the expense of small producers

(3) how to publish under stalin

(4) medieval remedies in early america too

(5) the review obliterating a book now and then

(6) facebook's peer-reviewed journal article

(7) at burning man

the $400 ticket price was as much about the right to leave what happened at the festival behind as it was to enter in the first place