this week i

motorcycled to airport: $8, motorcycles are miraculous.  propeller airplane to zanzibar: $51, jaw in lap whole flight.  one's difficulty acclimating to a state of being strongly predicts one's chances of experiencing a religious moment.

like what i see.

 prefer backlighting.

drank sugar cane at the night market.

think it's funny because the swahili word for hot sauce is pili-pili.

snuck into a wedding.  incense and yelling.

must find a charlton heston look-alike contest so that this man can win.

call time on zanzibar's authenticity.  too bad no longer a country.  .zz would have made a cool extension.  would have bought ripvanwinkle.zz

spice toured, monkey toured, mangrove toured, you'll figure out the transition points.

nutmeg and mace

war paint


not years of life in this case


early cocoa

leopard print

disgruntled baby

eating guava

no thumbs

the more common species, found elsewhere

chameleons look drunk

two miles to the ocean

two crabs

seeds fall like darts

taxied back to town.  that is in kilometers but still.

enjoy many features of africa.  for example, my first catholic mass with a drum set.

bought this mallet..

from this man

..for two dollars.

noted a few designs that i'll never replicate.

purchased ferry tickets from inside the window.