this week i

updated our analysis of the supplemental poverty measure for seniors, with op-ed.

would start a laundry detergent brand just to name it after lady macbeth.  alternatively, had i been born with nothing in the developing world, i'd have worked my way out of poverty by throwing logs in front of asshole motorcyclists and stealing their bikes.  pole polepole pole services ltd.

asked a good question, such is life..

..funny that they disallowed this.

withdraw a maximum of 400,000 shillings from most atms.  when i arrived, it was $212.  now $180.

share my garden with a danish architect who built viva towers (background), refers to the us embassy as moonbase alpha.  here comes china.

went to catholic mass, as george carlin says, to compare clothing.  i think i was tallest, not sure.  almost a quarter south asian, including the priest.  kiswahili and english services rotate hourly through the morning.  dreaded the handshakes when i was a kid but now the best part, the only break in ceremony.  wonder if a beware of god sign would deter burglars.

kill malarial mosquitos with this in mind.

listened to maybelline a bunch.  bill watterson and ella the only flawless artists that i know.

consume young and old grapes, but not the working aged aka raisins.

see no pattern.

practiced carving.

signed up to view a hatching.  turtles all the way down..

"here's what i think of your code of conduct"

..on my birthday, i think i shat my pants and rudely asked for milk.