this week i

grew my wings in math class.  djalma has been busy with inequality estimation, i help when i am able.

received a scolding from the security guard for this photo.

ask what if demography were a huge conspiracy and there are maybe 457,200,000 people living on earth and not this many.  we would never know.

consider believability the key to great sex.

only juggle two at a time: travel, exercise, work.  i am as high-maintenance as they come, this was my epiphany.

watched colombian wild magic at the theater near me.  hummingbirds gore each other while competing for nectar and mates.  and now i want an oso perezoso, more than i've wanted a pet since those enchanted moments between learning that sugar-gliders exist and learning that they cannot be housebroken.  saturday morning so if you can't join 'em, be 'em.  bottle says bogota beer company but, really people, it is bogota empresa ceverza.

ate mexican food together, i ordered too much.  we'll go to the lake and celebrate colombian valentine's and then i'll be off for london while she continues her life from a couple months back.  i didn't understand why she was alone when i met her, now even less clear.