this week i

published the basic coverage and eligibility statistics of what the aca means for women's healthcare.

helped out with one two explanatory reports on patient cost sharing in the 2016 exchanges.

have the best country.  this is a good map.  and catch-22 and tautology are erstwhile antonyms.  and whoops (pronounced whuu-ps).

would take a stone-masonry class only to etch the words, "pardon our dust."

spend my life making excuses for not living in new york.  one day will run out.

give myself credit for moments of pause.

succeed as a recent historian if i were lazy: the early internet, flipphones, pog culture.

listen to david sedaris these mornings.

spiders, unlike mammals, do only what they’re supposed to do

"look at that mud on that carpet," she said.  but i was way ahead of her.  "number one reason not to blow a horse in your bedroom," i told her.

would not call myself a skilled chef, but i do excel at going to the supermarket, buying things, eating them.