this week i

explained complex survey sampling.  my first and probably last quote in the wall street journal.

see that all of the people who taught me everything about r like my work.

paid the woman with glaucoma and four kids who all live in the shack at the end of the road $4.50 to do my laundry.  she head bobbled at that offer.

wonder about randomized control trials in evolution.  in the early mammal branch, what happens if you extinguish a species?  if therapsids had been universally culled, what creatures would have filled the sans mammalian vacuum?  how predictable is the evolutionary next step?  in the tree of life, are their multiple avenues to structural invention - like calculus - or does biological success only have one legitimate shot before competitors prevail?

took my motorcycle to work day.  wasn't expecting a disposable hairnet, but when the driver offers one, you wonder why and then don't turn it down.

remember that summer invasion.