this week i

intend to take advantage of every drop of the privileges of my birth.  hits you when the open-air bus grumbles up alongside your air conditioned taxi.

landed in sri lanka.  don't let the historical name fool you: what was once ceylon is not sierra leone.  commence monsoon the day after i leave

drink the tap water after boiling.  the cows are off the roads and back in the mcdonald's where they belong.  here's home, porch, view.

threw a dinner party for some forgettables..

..but i have coffee now.

watched horace and pete.  a web series not intended to make money about a bar lacking the same motivation.  best line, while on acid:

"when you look at me do you see me or some kind of a hallucination?"
"i don't know. what do you really look like?"

edited monetdblite, sent in changesets, waited a while, then pulled the latest integrated version with

git remote update
git reset --hard upstream/master --
git push origin +master