this week i

hit something deep within from bach's cello suite.

flee the sharknado.  dowd's correct, we'll need to push hillary clinton leftwards every waking moment.

mistakenly translated an eyelash that looks like the korean word for fishing.  still, a wonder of the modern world.

agree that polio eradication feels like strangling jello to death.

heard the japanese have no natural resources, but they benefit from two normally found only in warmer climates:  monkeys, spicy food.

run with miguel these mornings.

worked in the garden cafe.

fake napped on the train to seoul.

discovered soba, how did i not know about soba?  three soba meals did occur.

dropped some on the ground, picked it up, ate it immediately.  patrons at other tables had no qualms.  that good.

hiked up the city center mountain in sweltering heat.



roasted my first batch.