this week i

circled the nation.

stopped for the waterfalls.

i think countries should be based on watersheds

go to minnesota, step in the center of the creekbed, block the whole mississippi with your foot

cooked couscous, roasted coffee in sod homes, picnicked along the arctic ocean, drank pale ale while we waited.

i'm glad we didn't hike up into a geothermal glacier and lay down in boiling mud to watch aurora borealis.  boy would our faces have been red.

drove down to the towns inside the fjords, past the glaciers under the bridge, alongside the black-sand beaches, anywhere that caught the eye.

i'm really sweating under this, i'm wearing too many layers.  is that a type-one error or a type-two error?

played icelandic rock paper scissors: glacier beats lava, lava beats polar bear, polar bear beats glacier.

figured seven nights sleeping in the van, hose each other down like the bonnie situation.  shampoo for my real friends, real poo for my sham friends.