this week i

believe trump won one hundred plus or minus three percent of voters who believe that professional wrestling is real and then a minority of voters who believe professional wrestling is fake.  impeach the president and this disregard for truth along with him.

received some press from flowingdata.

listened to beowulf deconstructed.  twelve hundred year old spoiler: he and the dragon both die of their wounds in the end, death of superman-style.

plunges its tusks into beowulf's neck.  blood pours from beowulf's wounds.  the poet writes, "his whole neck was clasp by bitter bones (or fangs).  heals ealne ymbefeng biteran banum.  he was bloodied in the soul's gore.  he geblodegod wearo sawuldriore.  sweat (or blood) in waves welled.  swat youm weoll."