this week i

woke at five saturday to save seats.  a muslim father and a christian mother so  "combien de dieu?  deux dieu?"  she held up a sleepy index finger.

notice slight differences.  like the french word for seal.

live the life of a survey statistician.

[3/17/2017 4:53:03 PM] david rae: dude, I just grid sampled mao's mausoleum
[3/17/2017 4:53:23 PM] david rae: that guy is going to get a terminal disposition of "dead"

drove past the chocolate factory for an over the top evening.  my first menus on ipads since japan.

cooked sushi too.  but they were more interested in the fromage and then fucking destroying that wall.

boarded another airplane.  as any parisian brazilian will tell you, "viva la differenchy!"