this week i

watched emmylou harris sing evangeline in the last waltz in my father's living room then flew across the big river.

concentrate to comprehend spanish, probably the same way ford prefect needed to focus to notice sarcasm.  betelgeuse has none.

sped past an ambulance on the carretera.  the paint where the lane ends and the shoulder begins more of a suggestion.

bought a sim card.  "tiene un segundo appellido?" the cashier asked me.  "no, solo tres nombres." when a salesperson says, "diez minutitos" it never is.
ate the good stuff.

attribute a non-trivial part of trump's offensiveness to mexico being, in fact, wonderful.

started using aeropress.  david made me an instructional video.

read cbo director elmendorf's post on communicating uncertainty.  missing discussion of how badly journalists want one number.

read the ten rules for version control.

when developing different features in parallel, there is a risk of applying incompatible changes in different branches/forks; these are said to become out of sync.  branches are just short-term departures from master.  if you pull frequently, you will keep your copy of the repository up to date and you will have the opportunity to merge your changed code with others' contributors, ideally without requiring you to manually address conflicts to bring the branches in sync again.

rang the doorbell to a new home.

bitch, fleas.