this week i

encircled the highland jungle.

passed a chicken truck accident, locals flocked to collect what they could.  rained through the first night, never enough to close my window.

turned into the hotel parking lot.  a clown car of jesus-looking assholes drove up beside me.  i exited quickly and walked to reception to beat them in line.  started to check in, the cashier interrupted me to hand them their room keys.  she turned away, the dirtiest jesus-looking asshole swiped a chocolate out of the basket on the counter and left the room, i asked her if the chocolates were free.  she recited some corporate language about their organic deliciousness, fifteen pesos.  "el person alli toque uno, saque uno, algo libre," and i pointed to the jesus-looking asshole outside.  she rolled her eyes at the thought of confronting a guest, then sent security his way.  hope they shave him bald.

had the ruins to myself.  did pre-columbian american culture have dragons?  wikipedia omits.

drove between empires.  living in mexico is worth crossing the bering strait for

name this one: blue descending a staircase.

rented half a riverside cabana.  howler monkeys howl at the midpoint of an oink and a roar.  also, driver's side sunburn.

trekked through the wild one afternoon and steamed up the river the next morning.  jaguar claws.

think they call it cocodrilo based on the flintstone-era etymology whereby fred uses one as a coconut-opening appliance.