this week i

came home and a second dog had died in as many days.  with the puppy, three for the week.  the survivor who they call jacques did not take notice, still nibbling and licking and at play.  landlord said maid said vet said poisoned, neighborhood boys throw contaminated meat over the gate.  i saw the vaccination certificate, in ge'ez alphabet.  $200 for a five-course prophylaxis at the western clinic, but i was paying for a good night's sleep.

but i'm trying ringo, i'm trying real hard to be the shepherd

watched the world go by.  an unattended donkey walked past in the evening, an elderly man greeted me with bongiorno the next morning.

wore a shirt in amharic.  now the literate ones yell what it says instead of, "china."  junkyards in the developing world have been picked bone-dry.