this week i

bought a second investment property at 18th and kalorama, just south of adams morgan.  goal is to rent it forever and live off the interest.

published on health insurance trends by sexual orientation.

read how income correlates with life expectancy.

men in the bottom 1% of the income distribution at the age of 40 years had an expected age of death of 72.7 years.  men in the top 1% of the income distribution had an expected age of death of 87.3 years, which is 14.6 years (95% ci, 14.4-14.8 years) longer than those in the bottom 1%

the differences in life expectancy by income imply that the social security program is less redistributive than implied by its progressive benefit structure.  men and women in the top 1% of the income distribution can expect to claim social security and medicare for 11.8 and 8.3 more years than men and women in the bottom 1% of the income distribution

read the timeline of the far future.

38,172 ad: a transit of uranus from neptune, the rarest of all planetary transits

7.2 million: without maintenance, mount rushmore will erode into unrecognizability

50 million: maximum estimated time before the moon phobos collides with mars

180 million: due to the gradual slowing of earth's rotation, a day on earth will be one hour longer than it is today

600 million: the sun's increasing luminosity begins to disrupt the carbon-silicate cycle; higher luminosity increases weathering of surface rocks, which traps carbon dioxide in the ground as carbonate.  as water evaporates from the earth's surface, rocks harden, causing plate tectonics to slow and eventually stop.  without volcanoes to recycle carbon into the earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide levels begin to fall.  by this time, carbon dioxide levels will fall to the point at which c3 photosynthesis is no longer possible.  all plants that utilize c3 photosynthesis (~99 percent of present-day species) will die